Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Starships & Spacemen 2e Stretch Goal #1

Stretch Goal #1 $5,500

Good morning Space Fleet recruits! As I write this we have a little over three weeks left for the S&S indiegogo campaign. That is practically forever when it comes to trying to predict outcome.

I’m setting our first stretch goal as a modest one, and if we hit it early enough I’ll set a more ambitious goal for the second one.

Stretch Goal #1: $5,500

If we reach our first stretch goal, everyone who contributed at the Sub-Lieutenant level or higher will receive a Galactic Confederation emblem sew-on patch. You can sort of make out what these look like in the S&S cover painting, and I’ve posted it on the indiegogo page (see below). These patches will be about 3″ × 3″ and also have an iron-on backing for your convenience.

Thanks again everyone for your support. I’m confident this will be a successfully funded project and I thank you all for contributing.


Tim Snider said...

OK, now THAT'S a nifty little addition. It reminds me of Ye Olden Atari Dayes when, if you beat a certain high score on an Activision game and mailed in a photo, you'd get a nifty achievement patch.

ERIC! said...


Love it!