Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mutant Future: Revised Edition now available!

The revised edition of Mutant Future is now available at our print store and electronic store!

Got the proofs today and they look spectacular!

The Goblinoid Games forums have moved!

The time had finally come to host my own forums. The ads on the free forums were just too intrusive to keep the boards on the old site. In addition, I learned that the owners of the free site will not allow me to back up the old forums at I figured that it was better sooner than later to move them.

The old forum will remain up as an archive, though since it is hosted by another company it could disappear at any time. All current play-by-post games will remain on the old forums so as not to disrupt them. Any new p-b-p games will start on the new forums.

Because of the nature of this transition, all members will have to register again. Sorry for the inconvenience!