Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We want your nightmares!

We are now taking submissions for a book of new monsters and unsettling powers for the CRYPTWORLD horror RPG.

The submission guidelines can be found here.

There is no set deadline, we will be considering submissions until the book reaches our goal for word count.

If you have a THING you are dying to unleash upon the world, now is your chance!

CRYPTWORLD is the latest game in the Pacesetter line of RPGs. It is the new official Pacesetter horror RPG, and is fully compatible with all Pacesetter titles including TIMEMASTER, ROTWORLD, MAJUS, SANDMAN, and future games to come!

Monday, February 10, 2014

CRYPTWORLD wins Diehard Game FAN 2013 Tabletop Gaming Awards

CRYPTWORLD took two runner-up awards for the Diehard Game FAN 2013 Tabletop Gaming Awards!

The awards are:

Best Art: Second Runner Up - Cryptworld
Best Remake/Re-release: First Runner Up - Cryptworld

Check it out here.