Monday, June 18, 2018

Advanced Labyrinth Lord now Kickstarting!

On Saturday I launched the Kickstarter for Advanced Labyrinth Lord, which will combine the core book with the Advanced Edition Companion into one volume!

It reached is minimum goal of $6,000 in only 10 hours, and at the time of this writing is approaching $11,000! I am humbled by the show of support.

This Kickstarter is very important to me personally and professionally. I have plans to reengage the community and publish more material for Labyrinth Lord, but that depends on the demand and success of the Kickstarter. Thus far it all looks very positive and I'm grateful for everyone's enthusiasm and support!

Thank you!

There are a few cover options exclusive to this campaign, and Realms of Crawling Chaos is offered as an add-on for the first time in hard back. It will only be available in hardback via this Kickstarter!

Drop on buy the KS page to check out the details!