Sunday, April 22, 2012

SANDMAN: Map of Halaal--now owned by Goblinoid Games

For sale at RPGnow!

This time you can't win $10,000...

...but you can try regardless to solve the secret of the Sandman!

After over 25 years, Sandman: Map of Halaal is back! Goblinoid Games has purchased the rights to Sandman, reuniting it with its sibling TIMEMASTER and new kid on the block ROTWORLD. The Pacesetter SystemTM family of games continues to grow.

Widely viewed as a psychedelic, dreamy ride, Sandman: Map of Halaal was one of the tragedies of Pacesetter Ltd.'s demise. Sandman only saw the completion of what would have been the first in an Instant AdventureTM series.

Sandman uses a "lite" version of the Pacesetter SystemTM, which is easy to learn and quick in play, both of which are essential to the more story-driven adventures in the original Sandman boxed set.

For the first time ever, the original Sandman boxed set is now available in electronic format. We are currently investigating options for putting it in print. Whether future expansions are published depends entirely on audience demand. Show us you love Sandman and we'll make it happen!

We have a very limited number of original boxed sets for sale, still in original shrink wrap. (US $20 plus shipping) If interested, email goblinoidgames "at" yahoo "dot" com--orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Looking for more Pacesetter SystemTM games? Michael Curtis has just finished writing and playtesting an all new game using this system. It will be opened for additional playtesting very soon to members of the Labyrinth Lord Society!

From the back of the box:

The train whistle screams, and your passenger-car plunges into another tunnel. Six shots snap in the darkness. When sunlight floods the compartment once more, a man lies bleeding on the floor. He whispers a warning, then mysteriously fades away. Who was he? Why was he murdered? And, most importantly, who are you?


He knows your name.
You don't.

He knows where you are.
You don't.

He knows what you have done, and why you must die.
You don't.

To survive, you must journey through a tempestuous world in search of the answers to a question as tenuous as your own existence. You play the role of an amnesiac traveler, lost in a world beyond the natural. The rules are brief, preparation easy, and the story rich.
The SANDMAN is watching....Why don't you face him?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My guest post at Black Gate Magazine

I was invited as a guest blogger over at the Black Gate fantasy fiction magazine website. I posted a brief history and background for how and why I created Labyrinth Lord. It is geared toward a new audience not familiar with these sorts of games, but some people might be interested in some of the background I write about.

Barrowmaze II at Indiegogo!

Greg Gillespie's Barrowmaze, a Labyrinth Lord megadungeon,  has been wildly successful. Now Greg has started an Indiegogo funding project for Barrowmaze II. I spoke with Greg recently on the hone and he has some great things going for this next installment. If you enjoyed part one you won't want to miss out on part 2!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Labyrinth Lord Diceless RPG coming this summer!

One of the best things to come out of Gary Con this year was a collaboration between myself, Jeff Sparks and Michael Curtis. We decided that the true future of old-school OSR gaming is in getting away from antiquated rules systems.

ENTER: Labyrinth Lord Diceless! (LLD)

More about story and less about random outcomes, the LLD will revolutionize your old-school gaming. LLD is a story game, where players tell a collaborative story and resolve conflicts with an elaborated form of rock, paper, scissors, which we call the Rock, Brick, Paper, Rabbit Hide, Shears, Scissors SystemTM.

The best part? No more referees! Referees always messed up the fun for everyone, rolling random encounters and getting to decide whether your character lives, dies, or is horribly crippled. No more. The RBPRHSSS(TM)removes the need for a referee as all of the players decide together the outcome of situations. For example, slapping a rabbit hide over a brick always wins, and the player then decides if his buddy takes damage. On the other hand, trying to cut a rock with shears never works. The system is just that intuitive!

It isn't just the system that gets an overhaul in Labyrinth Lord Diceless. We needed to move away from the classic imagery of old-school fantasy, so in addition to the standard races and classes players can choose from 147 anthropomorphic animals. Want to be a Cheetah Blade Dancer/Leaper of the Claw Way? You got it, and they get a +1 reaction when using the Rabbit Hide. But don't cross the Alligator Men of the rainbow swamp flats, who use the Shears like no other race.

Labyrinth Lord Diceless: Your gateway to story freedom of the anthropomorphic kind!

Coming soon to fine hobby stores near you.