Thursday, September 26, 2013

CRYPTWORLD print at RPGnow, Action Table Cards, and Timetricks in print!

I have a Pacesetter news round up!

First, CRYPTWORLD is now in print at RPGnow/Drivethru. Just got the proofs today and they look great!

Next, I got the idea to have 8x10 cards printed with the book cover of the Pacesetter game on one side and a color version of the Action Table on the other side. These are now for sale for 1 buck each. Buy them for your whole group!

Finally, Timetricks, the TIMEMASTER supplement with additional rules for time travel and campaigns is back in print!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


CRYPTWORLD is currently the number 1 hot seller at RPGnow...

Friday, September 13, 2013

CRYPTWORLD released on Friday the 13th!

On this Friday the 13th, CRYPTWORLD emerges into the world with all the ferocity of a knife-wielding psycho killer! But instead of a hockey mask, we've got a cover illustration by Jim Holloway! CRYPTWORLD is the new official Pacesetter horror game. You play an investigator of the unexplained, or even an ordinary person thrust into an unusual situation. There are several organizations provided, which the players can belong to, or they can be independent. Investigate, hunt, and destroy a wide variety of things. Whether you prefer classic monsters, psycho killers, or cryptids, we have you covered, and so much more!

CRYPTWORLD is available in electronic format from:
Goblinoid Shop (preferred)


Print versions are currently available at our Lulu shop, and will soon be available at RPGnow.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pacesetter Horror Rises from the Grave!

Goblinoid Games presents CRYPTWORLD, the new official Pacesetter horror RPG! Other than the zombie survival genre horror rpg ROTWORLD, there has not been a Pacesetter horror game in print since the 1980s. CRYPTWORLD scratches and crawls forth from the grave as the direct Pacesetter horror brand successor!

CRYPTWORLD is a Pacesetter System horror game in which you play an investigator of the unexplained. Any kind of horror is possible, from hunting classic monsters to fighting the secret manipulations of interdimensional aliens, and much more! Be an independent hunter of the horrors in the world, or be a member of one of the several organizations provided, each with different motivations.

CRYPTWORLD handles many subgenres of horror. It is a complete presentation of horror rules, game advice, and creatures from different horror subgenres so that you can play any kind of horror game you prefer. Your characters can be members of one of the several example organizations that investigate the unexplained, rather than be limited to only one organization. This also means that there is no specific assumed game setting.

Coming late September!

Writing: Daniel Proctor and Tim Snider

Cover Illustration: Jim Holloway

Interior Illustrations: Jim Holloway, Brian Thomas, Tim Tyler

CRYPTWORLD and CRYPTWORLD: Chilling Adventures into the Unexplained are trademarks of Daniel Proctor.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thoughts Turn to Fall

September has come, and with it the scent of dying summer. Over the last few days (where I live) there has been a palpable chill in the air. Some of the leaves have even started to yellow. I've been looking forward to fall, because I love the season and inevitably my thoughts turn to Halloween, horror movies, and horror gaming.

I've actually been getting a head start on horror movies. For my birthday my wife bought me the two volume set of Horror Movies of the 1980s, and I've been discovering many gems I had never had a chance to see. For me, the 80s are a special time for horror movies. So many iconic films were made during that time period. A lot of crap, too, but so much fun.

There are so many great movies to watch, I'm going to have a busy September and October!

Oh, and speaking of being busy, got a painting and some b/w art in the mail from Jim Holloway yesterday:

I wonder what use I could put that to?