Friday, March 18, 2011


Goblinoid Games has purchased the rights to STAR EXPLORER, the role-play board game that takes place in the same universe as Starships & Spacemen. Originally published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1982, this classic game of space exploration has been long out of print and hard to obtain. The game is currently being converted to PDF format for download and home assembly, and should be ready to purchase at our online store within the next two weeks. Depending on demand, the game may be brought back into print as a physical product as well. The PDF release will feature the original green playsheet for people wanting the original, and a revised playsheet for those who want a fresh look. The rulebook will account for errata and minor rule revisions that have been implemented over the last 29 years.

From the back of the box:

Now you too can be a STAR EXPLORER!

In this game of exploration and confrontation you play the role of the Captain of a StarShip of the Federation. You are on a mission to explore several new worlds.

On the way, your StarShip may encounter the hazards of space. You may be called upon to perform your secondary mission of keeping the StarLanes free from pirates.

Although an uneasy truce exists with the Zangid Empire, each encounter with one of their vessels is potentially explosive.

Once you begin your voyage you must decide how your ship will be equipped. You must also choose your crew from the available manpower. You then set out on your exploration mission.

STAR EXPLORER is a role-play board game for as many as four players. It can even be played solitaire since competition is directed more against the universe as presented in the game than against the other players.

The player who completes his mission quickly and with a string of successful resolutions to encounters will do well.

The game contains:

A 17” x 22” mapsheet which contains the stellar display, space combat display, and a number of handy reference charts. This will be provided as four tiles for home printing, and as one sheet for printing at a print shop.

A 8.5” x 11” sheet of counters to be cut out that represent crew teams, ships, hazards, and planets.

A ship logsheet and planetary logsheet, to be printed for record keeping.

A 16 page rulebook.

Dogs in the Dungeon

Available at RPGnow!

Dogs in the Dungeon

This article presents new optional rules for using dogs in the dungeon as useful companions for the Labyrinth Lord rules set, and is usable with other basic or advanced FRPGs. In addition to new rules for using dogs, new war dogs, scenthounds, waterhounds, sighthounds, and two new exotic dog types are detailed to add variety to the kinds of dogs that may be employed by PCs.

This article refers to the Labyrinth Lord core rules and the Advanced Edition Companion, both of which are available at RPGnow and the Goblinoid Games website. Free no-art versions are available as well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Eye of Terror!

As many people will remember, Otherworld Miniatures will be releasing licensed Labyrinth Lord miniatures boxed sets, scheduled to be released this spring after a number of delays related to sourcing box components. Despite those setbacks they have been busy working away on more figures, with an Eye of Terror to be released in a few weeks!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lulu vs. RPGnow POD


I've been seeing more and more reviews in various places of print quality comparing the POD products of Lulu vs. RPGnow. I just wanted to post a brief note about this because I think it is important for everyone to know that Lulu and RPGnow use the same printer, Lightning Source. We need to dispel the myth that the printers are different.

All short run printing (in general) is done via digital printing (essentially high quality laser printers for text), whether ultimately through LS or some other printer, which means you will likely see more variation between individual books compared to offset printing of many thousands of books. Add to this the variation of individual printer machines, of which a printer may have several.

The point being that any variation people see between the services of Lulu and RPGnow has nothing to do with the front end the book was ordered from, but the back end at printing, which is the same company. The quality of the product is identical between these companies.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Mutant Future now in distribution!

As the title says, Mutant Future is now working its way through distribution channels! If you prefer to shop online, you can also purchase the book from fine online retailers such as Noble Knight Games.

In addition, both Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion have been restocked and should be available for order again through wholesale channels.

As always, if you prefer to skip the middlemen and buy via print on demand, visit our online POD store.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GM's Day Sale!

If there are any Goblinoid Games PDFs you've been meaning to pick up, be sure to drop on by RPGnow where we have a discount on all our products for GM's Day!