Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Labyrinth Lord Online Utilities

People who are not regulars to the Goblinoid Games forums may be missing out on some of the great utilities being posted online to make your Labyrinth Lord games easier. So I thought I'd post a link to a few of them. These may not be totally inclusive (there is so much material these days it's hard to keep up), so if anyone wants to direct people to additional resources in the comments please feel free.

Djeryv's Graveyard: Click on the Labyrinth Lord link on the left. There are a number of useful resources there, but I particularly want to draw your attention to a few of the items. The dungeon map creator assembles a random set of geomorphs contributed from a number of sources, to create a new map each time you reload the page. Number areas and then use the Random Dungeon Area generator to come up with a list of randomly designed areas, following the system in the Labyrinth Lord rules. There is also a Monsters & Treasure Assortment generator, to create a booklet in the style of the old resource of the same name. The other thing I will point out before you explore all of the great utilities is the Monster Listing. You can download the PDF of a complete listing of all creatures from the LL core rules and the Advanced Edition Companion, with the appropriate abbreviated game statistics.

Mithril & Mages: This is a relatively new site offering a growing number of free labyrinth Lord utilities. Explore some of the other items posted there, but I particularly want to mention the Labyrinth Lord Treasure on Demand section. You can use this to generate random lists of treasure computed for any LL hoard class. Or if you are in a hurry download any of several complete treasure books, akin to the old Monster & Treasure Assortments. The you get an entire book of 100 randomly generated treasures for each of the hoard classes--that's a book of over 40 pages! Very useful for just going down a list to hand out treasure, or roll on it randomly with a d%.