Monday, December 3, 2012

Save or Die Podcast talks about Labyrinth Lord

Just a quick note that Labyrinth Lord was featured on the most recent episode of the Save or Die Podcast. Link here. Also be sure to check out the previous episode about Barrowmaze.

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Unknown said...

Hey Dan!

Not sure if you know or not but the Pathfinder SRD site now has an estore! You can see it at

While right now we're mostly Pathfinder-focused you can see we're adding in old school fantasy RPGs (like Swords & Wizardry) and we would love to also be able to offer your products in the store.

As you can see we've already got major publishers like Frog God Games, Dreamscarred Press, Kobold Press and many others online with us so why not join the crew!

Thanks for considering us!

--John Reyst