Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Starships & Spacemen 2e: New Perk Level Added!

Due to several requests, I’ve added a Perk level at $25—Sub-Lieutenant. This perk comes with the PDF and a perfect bound copy of the book (instead of a hard cover).

What this also means if is if you have pledged at the Captain or Admiral level you will also be receiving the perfect bound book!

Several people have also asked me how to upgrade their Perk to a higher level. The way to do that is to click any Perk as if you are making a new pledge, but scroll down to where you can enter your own dollar amount. Add the amount of money for the difference between your current Perk and the Perk you would like to upgrade to. In the notes section please note your intent so that I can sort that out at the end of the funding campaign.

As of this writing we are about 60% toward the goal! Thanks you for the support, everyone. If you can continue to spread the word it would be much appreciated!

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