Saturday, August 10, 2013

MAJUS ebook now Available!

MAJUS is now available in PDF form, print versions soon to follow once all Kickstarter backer rewards are fulfilled (next week or so).

Goblinoid Shop (preferred)


You are a sorcerer who can trace his ancestral roots to the Sumerian sorcerer-priests who wielded vast power. You are an inheritor of the magical bloodline enmeshed in a conspiracy dating from before human civilization. Battle against enemies in the Old Game, to harness the secrets of the mysterious Skein. You may be a member of a competing Tower, an association or cabal of like-minded Maji, or a renegade with your own motivations.
MAJUS is a role-playing game complete in one volume.
These rules contain:
  • Rules for character generation
  • A complete magic system compatible with other Pacesetter games
  • Guidelines for playing campaigns in a magic noir world
  • Supernatural enemies
  • ...and more!
The game uses the Pacesetter System, the same system as TIMEMASTER and SANDMAN.


faoladh said...

My backer print copy arrived today, at nearly the same time that I checked my email and found the backer PDF copy!

Dan of Earth said...

That's great news! If anyone out there is still waiting for their book, it may already be in the mail, otherwise I have the last orders all boxed up ready to go out Monday.