Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Official Pacesetter Site is Now Live!

The official site for Pacesetter games is now active! The site serves as an info site and hub for the product line. Since MAJUS is coming by August, and more games are planned, it is time that the Pacesetter brand have a bigger web presence to get the word out that Pacesetter Lives! LINK


Anonymous said...

Glad to see this system getting more attention (even as I'm personally still wrapping my head around it)! My head nodded furiously in excitement when I saw how thin the printed copy of Rotworld was, my old age can't take the large tomes anymore. :) Also picked up Timemaster during the May sale, getting a Logan's Run-inspired adventure brewing. I can't wait to see what else Goblinoid Games comes up with for Pacesetter; fantasy? cyberpunk? arrrrg lol

Dan of Earth said...

Hi James, thanks for the comments! Yes I wanted to keep Rotworld short and sweet, but it is pretty dense with advice for running the game. I've thought about fantasy, but it seems like it should be attached to a specific setting rather than generic, not sure. Cyberpunk is also an interesting idea.