Friday, October 24, 2008

Where in the World is Labyrinth Lord?

So I have been toiling away on mi proyecto secreto for the last few weeks, after finally getting to the stage were I can write after doing a few months of research off and on. Hopefully I can say more about it later...though it may be much later since my "real life" research is going to take me away for a while.

On another note though, as many of you may know Labyrinth Lord went into traditional distribution on October 1st, through the consolidator Key20. Prior to that I had it only in distro through the Lulu plan, which is ok but it is primarily online through any internet bookshop that has ties to Ingram. So that includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Paizo, and many others around the world.

So the good news is that distributors have been buying Labyrinth Lord; in fact as of today half of the print run is gone. I've got a team of incredibly generous and talented proofreaders looking over LL at the moment so I can make the next print run as good as it can be. There have been one or two grumblings on the internet that Labyrinth Lord is too expensive (the paperback is 17.95), and I think that comes from being spoiled with so many products being offered at cost at Lulu. I priced Labyrinth Lord where I did from the start because I knew it would need to be priced that way in order to be in distribution. I make very little from the books in distro, just enough to hopefully make the print run a little larger next time. I'm also kicking around the idea of replacing a few of the art pieces to improve the interior on this next run, but I have o do it in a way that does not interfere with the page count.

Anyway, I plan to post a report to various message boards in a month or so to let people know how the LL distro is going. It was only through the massive show of support in the Labyrinth Lord distribution drive sale that I was able to afford that first print run. So far, it looks like the effort has been worth it. My hope is that if Labyrinth Lord can become more visible then more third-party companies will get involved. We'll see! I also want to get Mutant Future into distro, because i think it will kick serious ass once I manage that, but I won't be able to think about that until Spring.

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S'mon said...

I think the LL and MF pricing is fine. I compare the softbacks to other products I have at similar price, and I'd say they're excellent value.