Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Even though I operate a small-press publishing effort (Goblinoid Games), this blog is not solely focused on matters related to my publishing company.

Rather, I want to use this space to talk about gaming in general. The name of this blog is inspired by the spectacular cult classic animated movie Heavy Metal, wherein the "Den" segment there are two factions fighting over the Loc-Nar so that they can summon Uhluht'c and gain unspeakable power. Of course, "Uhluht'c" is merely Cthulhu spelled backwards.

I find Heavy Metal to be very creatively stimulating, due to its diverse imagery and no-punches-pulled gritty presentation of fantasy and science fantasy. It was definitely an inspiration when my friend Ryan and I where working on Mutant Future. I think the Den segment is my favorite in Heavy Metal because it seems to be a Lovecraftian science fantasy world, which I think is ripe for use in gaming. I will have more to say about this later, for the mean time, welcome and I hope you enjoy the blog!


James Maliszewski said...

Welcome to the blog world!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I kinda figured you might be a Heavy Metal type guy.

Two questions about it...

1. Have you read much of the magazine?

2. How disappointed were you in Heavy Metal 2000?

Dan of Earth said...

Hi arcona!

Sadly I'm embarrassed to say I haven't read a single issue. I'd love to but I want to start with the earlier issues. I'll have to try and track some down, especially the Den ones to start, once I get back to the US in the spring.

You know I heard so many bad things about the sequel that I haven't brought myself to watch it yet. But I will do that and post a review here later.

Moritz said...

Hi, Dan! "Blog on!"

Sham aka Dave said...

OK-Going to date myself a bit here. I saw a double feature of Heavy Metal/Altered States at a Drive-In Theatre back in the day...yes when both were first released so many Summers ago.

Anyhow...glad to have found this blog, Dan. Carry on!


Dan of Earth said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan

Love LL! Love this blog!

The name of your blog reminds me of a 1977 Richard Corben comic -- of which I only have a page in my copy of 'The Cosmical Horror of H. P. Lovecraft, A Pictorial Anthology' -- in which a woman is sacrificed to a being called 'Grande Uluhtc.' Wouldn't be surprised if this appeared in Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal at some point. I'm not sure why the second (first?) 'h' is missing in Uluhtc's name -- possibly a transcription error or some other malign influence.