Thursday, September 26, 2013

CRYPTWORLD print at RPGnow, Action Table Cards, and Timetricks in print!

I have a Pacesetter news round up!

First, CRYPTWORLD is now in print at RPGnow/Drivethru. Just got the proofs today and they look great!

Next, I got the idea to have 8x10 cards printed with the book cover of the Pacesetter game on one side and a color version of the Action Table on the other side. These are now for sale for 1 buck each. Buy them for your whole group!

Finally, Timetricks, the TIMEMASTER supplement with additional rules for time travel and campaigns is back in print!

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Tim Snider said...

The cards are AWESOME and a great idea for the gaming table. Having the Action Table at your fingertips would be very useful, and each player could have his own table card ("card table"?) at hand. Plus, the artwork on the other side would make a neat print for hanging!

And having Timetricks back in print is great news too, as it's the best Timemaster supplement, and useful for ANY time travel RPG!