Saturday, November 24, 2012

Star Explorer: Companion board game for Starships & Spacemen

Since many new people are being introduced to Starships & Spacemen with the release of the second edition, I thought I would mention for those who don't know that I also publish a companion board game called Star Explorer.

It can be played solo or with several others, and missions are generated randomly so there is a great deal of replay value. You are competing with the other players to complete missions, and you send planet-side teams to a planet to accomplish missions. The game can also be used to help generate missions in S&S, and used to resolve actions by NPCs if so desired. The games go great together which is why I also bought the rights to Star Explorer.

You can buy a high-res PDF for home printing and assembly here, or you can buy a print on demand version at the Game Crafter.

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