Monday, July 25, 2011

Free one-page adventure at Gen Con

Each publisher participating in the OSR booth at Gen Con this year will have one flyer that goes into bags when people purchase items at the booth. I decided that rather than waste the space on the other side I would include a free one-page adventure! Side 2 of the flyer includes a 20 area adventure for 1st level characters, titled "The Gibbering Tower." The adventure should provide 3-4 hours of play, and would be perfect for a pick-up game at the con.

This adventure is signed and numbered. There are 150 of them so be sure to hit the OSR booth early and check out all the great products from many different publishers. Also note that this adventure will not be provided anywhere else except in PDF form to Labyrinth Lord Society members on the weekend of Gen Con. So if you have not yet joined, drop on by the website to join up!

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Jimmy said...

Yay, more adventures! :) Thanks!

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