Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vigilance Press Releases "Nuclear Sunset", a world setting for Mutant Future!

Vigilance Press has been a publisher of old-school RPG products for several years. Today they've thrown their hats in the ring of support for Mutant Future with the release of Nuclear Sunset, the first in a series of books describing an all new post-apocalyptic world setting.

I'm delighted to see additional support for Mutant Future. This is the first setting to be released for the game. Here is a description of the product:

Nuclear Sunset: The Southwest is the first installment in a post-apocalyptic campaign setting.

Though written with Mutant Future in mind, this campaign is almost 100% mechanics-free and could easily be adapted to any post-apocalyptic rules set.

Nuclear Sunset: The Southwest
contains a map of the region, description of settlements and ruins and a full slate of post-apocalyptic organizations, including:

Hell's Heart: This enormous biker gang strikes terror into the entire southwest as they move from town to town, raping and pillaging with impunity.

The 88th:
This pre-war military unit was considered a great experiment in fielding an all-synthetic battlefield command. They have bided their time since the apocalypse and know the time is ripe for them to take control of this shattered world.

The Cartel:
This crime family has maintained the family business since before the Earth was destroyed in the great war. In fact, for these ruthless criminals, business has never been better.

The Marshalls: In the dark days immediately following the great war, a group of self-appointed vigilantes rose from the darkness to maintain justice.

In a land where law is often a comforting dream, the Marshalls settle for justice, even revenge, striking fear in the hearts of the wicked and cruel.


Eric said...

This is the kind of material I've been wanting for Mutant Future, I hope more will follow...


BlUsKrEEm said...

While I'm prettty psyched to see this book, but I don't think I'd call it the first setting book. Broken Urth, World of Thundar, Realm of the Technomancer and to a degree Creatures of the Wastes: Habitats were all setting books for Mutant future.

Brutorz Bill said...

Very excited by this!

Dan of Earth said...

True enough BlUsKrEEm!