Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[Petty Gods] Offer for contributors

Most people reading this are aware of James M's Petty Gods project. I just wanted to post a quick note that I have given James some RPGnow coupon codes to give out to contributors of art or writing (or layout, etc., anyone who helps out with the book) so that they can get a free copy of the PDFs with full art of Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion!

So if you don't have these PDFs yet and you want to contribute to the Petty Gods project, whip up a God and send it on to James!

Need an idea for a God? Here are a few topics I had brainstormed (but I sent in a God of a different type than these):

Pit traps
Underground waters
Tentative investigations (using 10’ poles to find traps, etc.)
Torture devices (maybe even a god for each device, how petty is that!?)
guard dogs
dice games
dried rations
frugal dungeoneering
watered down wine
hireling and henchmen fodder (the god of red shirts)
suspicious idols


James said...

Oh, man! The God of Red Shirts! Someone needs to do that one!

toddroe said...

If we already have the PDF's (with art), will there be an option for a discount on the print versions?

Dan of Earth said...

Unfortunately Lulu doesn't have a system for coupons, otherwise I could do something like that. I'm out of the stock I keep on hand so that isn't an option either. Sorry about that!