Friday, March 19, 2010

Writers wanted!

Hey all,

I'm looking for module submissions for both Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future. There is some great talent out there, so send in your submissions! I'm very happy to work with new authors, as long as you're patient and don't mind working with me (I may or may not have advice for revisions as we go through the process), so lets get some great stuff out there together!

Visit my submissions page for some basic info, and then drop me a line! I like to look at proposals from new authors but if you are experienced or already have a manuscript ready send it on over for me to look at.

About 9 years ago I got my start by writing fan material for Eden Studios (and then a couple of publications through them). Chances are, if you are a good writer and love doing this kind of thing, you can write a good adventure. So lets do it.

Note that I'm looking for site-based modules at the moment (keyed rooms sort of stuff), not so much looser wilderness stuff. I may look at things like that later. I'm especially looking for lower level adventures, with preference for equal to or lower than 5th level.

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