Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Advanced Edition available!

Advance the Game
To the next level of play

The advanced first edition game as you remember it.

Labyrinth Lord gives you the play experience of the old editions of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game! The Advanced Edition Companion is a handbook of advanced player and referee options. Play the race and class possibilities from the “advanced” first edition 1978 rules. Introduce the essential first edition monsters, spells, and magic items to your Labyrinth Lord game. All of these options are fully compatible with the core Labyrinth Lord rules, so that you can continue to play race-classes right along with all of the advanced classes and races.

In the deepest level of the underworld the Demon Lord of the Undead, Orcus, awaits you. He watches from his throne of human bones and commands his undead minions. Will they defeat you on your quest in the labyrinth, as you seek fantastic wealth, defeat horrible enemies, and unravel unholy secrets? Take the first edition challenge. Fight your way to the deepest level. Defeat Orcus...if you can.

In this book you will find...
  • A complete player’s guide to advanced play
  • Additional core first edition monsters
  • The full range of first edition spells and spellcasters
  • The essential first edition magic items
  • Optional advanced rules for greater depth of play
Welcome back to the first edition game table.

We saved you a seat. Right next to Orcus.

This book is not a complete game. You will require the core Labyrinth Lord rules to play.

Find the electronic book at our e-store.

Perfect bound and hardcover version can be found at our print store.


Anonymous said...

Well done, I have just flicked thru the no-art PDF.

James said...


Joseph said...

If you buy it from Lulu tonight and use the code "shadow", they'll give you a 15% groundhog day discount. I've already pimped it over at my own blog. Can't wait to see it!

Chris Creel said...

Yes, this is very interesting. (Going to look for my pocketbook.)

Joseph said...

Dan, can you please shoot me an email? I'd like to ask you something about this product.

Robert Fisher said...

Dan, you’ve created something very compelling. It’s like the grand-unification theory of the old game. It has me seriously considering switching my “base” from B/X to LL.

Akrasia said...

Excellent! I can hardly wait to get this...

Mike D. said...


Dan of Earth said...

Thanks for the support everyone!

If you missed the coupon from yesterday, the coupon READMORE2010 should get you 10% off all month.