Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is Labyrinth Lord really?

If you've read the foreword to Labyrinth Lord then you probably know where I'm coming from. In another post at some other time I may discuss what I think may be happening as we continue on emulating the old-school games, but right now I want to post a link that is a reminder of where it all started.

Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion that will come out shortly are an effort to bring old-school gaming back onto game stores and back onto the modern gamers' tables. But the thing I hope we never lose sight of is that Labyrinth Lord is a tribute.

(For those unfamiliar, you may have to investigate TD a bit to really get this. Nothing beats Stairway to Heaven. IMO old-school D&D is the Stairway to Heaven of RPGs)

Here's another version.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I can recall where we were when we first saw the TD Tribute clip. We fell in love straight away.

Very much the same feeling as when I held in my hands my copy of Holmes for the first time, my first D&D book. I haven't fallen out of love yet.

Labyrinth Lord and the other the other D&D clones have helped keep that love fresh. My gaming group played a session of LL today, but there's no question in our minds that we were playing D&D.

Anonymous said...

An excellent post that gets to the point. I like the way this is worded and tribute is a great way of defining the new versions of the old scene, to quote Aerosmith.