Friday, July 24, 2009

Placing in the Lulu sales contest for July

Matt Finch over at the Dragon's Foot boards alerted me to the fact that I'm currently 4th place in the Lulu July sales contest. It was a big shock because I haven't told anyone I entered; I just entered so people could use the discount code! I don't have anymore new releases coming this month, so I don't anticipate reaching the top three. Still, it's neat to see that one of the OSR publishers can place even without a big sales drive.

As always, thanks for all the support everyone!


John Adams said...


R. Lawrence Blake said...

Great! I take it this is for the "Orcs" adventure, right?

Dan of Earth said...

Not really, steady sales of everything.

ze bulette said...

..cough..."advanced edition characters"..cough cough!

seems like a great time to get this out there! (sorry, couldn't resist)

i did get the Idol of the Orcs adventure in print, hope it helps. i'd love to see you get a prize. btw, seems like a great time for a Scribe of Orcus vol.1-5 anthology release, eh? ;-)

Dan of Earth said...

The thing is, I could rush out something, but I'd rather do it right than have it be shoddy. No biggie.